Extreme Cold Returns To Midwest This Week

Through the month of January the Midwest and Northeast have been overtaken by what the National Weather Service calls a “polar vortex”, and residents were just beginning to experience relief. This relief is going to be short lived, because temperatures in the upper Midwest have began to drop into the subzero category. This “polar vortex” has shattered records, leaving many residents in these states with large accumulations of snow, and has caused damage to many homes in its wake. Many people were under the impression that the polar vortex itself was breaking the records, but that is not the complete truth. This cell is just an area of long pressure that stays around the Arctic throughout winter. In fact, most of the time it does not even enter the United Sates, but more cold air from this pattern is coming and it does not plan on leaving anytime soon.

Temperatures are already dropping below zero in the Midwest and they are not predicted to rise too much over the week. Bob Oravec with the National Weather Service states that below-average temperatures – including the historic cold temperatures – will be in the forecast for the East and Southern states throughout the week. With the last pattern of cold air, it only lasted a couple of days. This pattern could last longer than a week, as each cold front will take turns dominating each other. Detroit will experience temperatures in the teens and below, with the high throughout the week at just 15 degrees. In Chicago, temperatures could reach 28 degrees, but will drop down to the teens on Sunday.

From there, the cell will make its way into the Northeast on Tuesday. These subzero temperatures will increase the chance of snow accumulations, and about 3-7 inches can be predicted for Washington D.C, while 4-8 inches can be expected in New York City. This snow will be able to stick around for longer because of the consistent sub-freezing temperatures. This cold and windy weather will continue on into the weekend, and because this storm is hitting an area of large population, even more damage is to be expected from this pattern.

The Southeast can also expect some colder than average temperatures. Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL may be seeing temperatures dip into the teens throughout the week and into the weekend. States in the West and Southwest such as California and Texas will be seeing no change to the weather pattern, and for the most part, conditions will stay dry and warm as they have been. It is always in your best interest to stay updated to your local weather authority in case of any major changes in the system.

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